Living my best nostalgia: Film Review – The X Files (1998)

The X Files Poster
I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t distracted by opening and trying on my new rose embroidered mom-jeans (I know how that sounds, just trust me) when we started watching this film, but nothing can stop the runaway train that is our apa
rtment making its way through ALL X FILES POSSIBLE.

We recently succeeded in our lofty dream of finishing all nine original seasons, a task we’ve been chipping away at for months, taking occasional breaks for important things like: Gotham; attempts at playing netball in a friendly manner (not me, and not a success, our apartment is not top of the class at the social skills); dreams of attending the gym on a regular basis (I try, oh my god, do I try); the inevitable mental breakdown that felled us all when David Duchovny split over $$$; and, on occasion…social events?

This early X Files (1998) film is set at a time where the X Files has been disbanded. “Which time???” I cried, staring at Scully’s chin to try to gauge where Gillian Anderson was in her (excellent) chin implant odyssey.

Dr Scully loves to slice.

“The early one,” my girlfriend says, already exhausted. I have pretty much no reliable short-term to long-term memory transfer for a) plot details b) anything that can be replaced by schema c) anything I say, EVER.

Greatest moment: The return of Cigarette Man! Having been without him for so long now…I miss him. Remember when he took Scully out on a date? That is so much weirder having finished the whole series…

X Files 7×16 Chimera aka WILD ROAD TRIP

Not to spoil, but you get to see aliens all the way through this film, and it’s so refreshing! Especially when you think back to the days of Season 1 – 3 of “will we, won’t we, are aliens even real?” Remember when Mulder desperately walked himself into Area 51 because he wanted to see aliens SO MUCH, and promptly got brainwiped? Oh, Mulder. How are you alive?

Iconic X File highlights…

  • Mulder’s aimless philosophical rambling.
  • Scully being deeply offended by the lamest of jokes.
  • Mulder telling me the most horrifying “joke” I’ve heard him tell??? Don’t ask.
  • Moments of classic cinematography with great symbolic lighting, framing, and perfectly laid out sets.
  • Scully never believing anything Mulder says until he is 10 min from death.
  • “Scully, it’s me.”
  • Black oil. Psychic bees. Government conspiracy. The Council. Crop circles. Human experimentation. The Lone Gunmen. Cigarette Man.
  • Mulder’s emotional blackmail skills.
  • Everything is aliens. Always. Everything.
  • Mulder making a nuisance of himself at any opportunity.
  • The eternal love in Mulder’s eyes when he sees a spacecraft.

The take away: if you’ve been craving good old Mythology X-Files, this is the well paced, mega episode for you! So. Many. Aliens!!! So many!!!!!!

Rating: 👽👽👽1/2 alien hybrids would recommend.


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